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“I am a user of Kinesis and I buy Gold and Silver from there. I believe they are the champions of the free market and I am a fan of sound money and real crypto-money. They are bringing sound money back to the economy. I trust them because they publish 3rd party reports backing their claims 1:1 backing. I love the yield system which is basically bringing back free-market interest rates. I highly recommend that you join and support FREEDOM”


Manuel Levi

25 May 2022


“Kinesis is an exciting forward-thinking platform. I'm so grateful to have found a system that alleviates my concerns about the current financial environment. The support has been top-notch, The online chat is prompt and chat is prompt and thorough and my account manager "Michael Barrett provides professional, high-quality service. This company certainly looks after its people in ways you don't often experience these days ”



28 Jul 2022